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Narrative Statement regarding my abstract painting practice

My artwork is inspired by many indelible experiences. Each imprinted image reveals the rhythm of existence around me.  Days, months or years later these internal movies emerge, flowing from the mind through the fingertips on to the selected surface.

I live in an age where compelling information is ingrained in my life and has become part of my core observation where circumstances demand a response.  These opportunities, whether physical or mental, influence and transform my view on reality. 

The Significant Line series of work is inspired by the many trips to the Emma Lake Workshops at the University of Saskatchewan’s satellite Kanderdine campus in Northern Saskatchewan and also trips further north to the La Ronge area of Northern Saskatchewan.  The vastness of the body of water, as far as the eye can see, the rocks of the Canadian Shield looming beneath the surface, all affect the way I see this land; as your drive along the roads, the rolling hills, the different colours and textures.  My eye consumes it like a mystical vision.  Taking those memories into the studio and reproducing them onto the canvas surface is magical the sense of satisfaction is incredible. 

Influenced by the post-modernist formalist movement my process is to make a deliberate expressive stroke onto layers of ground colour that has been glazed over many times.  Once I feel the depth of the surface recede I proceed with the tactile raised gel marks in the foreground.  These marks are reflective of an energy that exists within me.  My technique is medium on a surface, marks signifying my intent with my resolve the surface appears expressive, alive with energy.  The paintings are sculpted surfaces of acrylic gel with layers of coloured glazes shifting from purely optical to the intensely tactile.